Introducing The Big Conversation

During late September and October, we are inviting HR professionals, researchers and interested organisations to contribute to a public policy ‘hackathon’ on a range of issues relating to ‘Families, Parents and the Workplace’ #CIPDbigconvo.  A ‘hackathon’ is a joint problem-solving’ activity – so we are going to be sharing experiences, hearing stories, telling of our successes, identifying challenges, finding solutions and working together to come up with problem-solving ideas.  We want to identify practical ideas that HR people can implement in their organisations and also any public policy issues that need to be addressed.

There are lots of different aspects to ‘Families, Parents and the Workplace’ – so far we have identified maternity discrimination, childcare, carers, making shared parental leave work, adoption leave and flexible working – but this is not a comprehensive list!  Families come in all shapes and sizes and there are many challenges to combining family life with work.  We want to explore all this and more – but need your help.

There is evidence to suggest that a conversation about work and families is very much needed.  Maternity discrimination leads to thousands of women losing their job every year.  Millions of people are providing care and attempting to balance work – many of whom have to reduce their hours and incomes, or even leave the workplace altogether.  Shared parental leave take-up is extremely low.  People believe they are disadvantaged for requesting flexible working.

If you are interested in improving the situation for the better – get involved with the Big Conversation.  Come to an event, join the Twitter chat, share you own story here on the blog.  Be part of the change.

Register for our launch event here!

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