The Big Conversation Hackathon

If you are interested in ‘The Big Conversation about Families, Parents and the Workplace’ hosted by CIPD Manchester, you might want to know more about the approach that we are taking.

The Big Conversation launches officially on 27th September in Manchester.  During the event we will hear from three speakers.  Gemma Dale, co-found of The Work Consultancy, will be talking about how to make flexible working work.  Roz Hampson, an Advice Worker with Maternity Action will be speaking about pregnancy discrimination.  Susan Raftery, from Acas will be speaking about carers.

We will be joined on the evening by HR professionals, researchers from a number of universities and campaigners. And we will be tweeting from the event using #CIPDbigconvo – so if you can’t join us in person, join us online.

During the event we will be taking a Hackathon style approach. The aim will be to decide what are the most important conversations we need to have about families, parents and work? Where are our opportunities to challenge, influence and create change?  These will become our themes for the rest of this initiative.

And then….. we go virtual. We want as many voices in the conversation as possible.  Each week throughout October we will be focusing on one of these conversations.  There will be blogs, Twitter chats, dialogue and the sharing of good practice.

Run through the CIPD Manchester LinkedIn Group these four themes will help us answer some big questions. What needs to be better?  What needs to change today and in the future?  How can practitioners support change in their own organisation? What are the barriers to change?  How will we know when we have succeeded?

We conclude with a fringe event at the annual CIPD conference at Manchester on Thursday 9th November 8-9.15am  where we will share out outputs – and all the ideas that come forward during this big conversation.

So if you have something to contribute join the LinkedIn group and get sharing. Read our blog (include link) – why not write a piece for it? Get involved with a Twitter chat through the hashtag #CIPDbigconvo.  Come along to the fringe event.

Let’s make change for the better. #CIPDbigconvo

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